Do not try to work around the rules and limits that we have put in place.
Please remember to also follow the Ark Offical rules From Wildcard, this can be found below. Note that Small tribe Rules and PvE rules do not apply to this server.
It is up to the player and their responsibility to understand and follow the rules below and to check them regularly as they are subject to change. If you are unsure whether something is allowed or not, please raise a ticket with us.
We reserve the right to intervene in any situation where we feel things have gotten out of hand.

This IS a PVP server  .....  however we do aim for a Friendly / Chilled PvP atmosphere , so please bare this in mind when playing. ALSO, Just because you might not want to participate in PVP doesn't mean you won't be attacked. Please prepare yourself to be attacked at anytime.
-No Interfering Boss Fights except for Tameable Titans on Extinction
-Your tribe name must be the same on all maps and include the same members (max of 6) on all maps as well. Players are responsible for who they invite in their tribe and alliances. Make sure you trust someone before giving them access to something you do not want to lose. Admins will NOT intervene in such matters.
-Players should choose unique names for their characters and tribes and not impersonate others. “123”, generic names and names containing unreadable characters such as # are not allowed, as well as changing tribe name to conceal your identity. Once you chose a tribe name you must keep it that name; unless you approve it with an admin.
-Oil nodes and gas veins should stay unlocked. Charge nodes should be freely accessible.
Admins ask tribes to keep the number of structures to a limit. This includes spikes and foundation scattered around the maps. Each tribe may have 1 base and 1 taming trap away from their base. ORP will only be available for one location per map. Choose wisely. Warning, you may loose structures if build beyond limits.
Fobs for PvP can be put up but need to be removed after raid.
~ A FOB should not exceed 4x4x4 in size.
~ ORP should not be placed on a FOB.
~ Only one FOB is allowed per base attacked
~ If the defending tribe has built in a cave or an enclosed area, the FOB shouldn’t be placed within turret range of the entrance.
~ Spam and any other structures placed during a raid by either the attacking or defending tribe should be removed as soon as the raid is over.
~ No foundation/pillar/structures restricting building/FOBing outside of bases.
Defensive structures (turret towers/gates/walls/spam) should NOT extend further than 30 foundations away from the base perimeter. *A base perimeter is defined by the outer most wall or gate within the confines of the enclosed area for indoor bases, or the outer perimeter wall for outdoor bases.*
Excessive Foundation/Wall/Gate spamming is NOT PERMITTED and is subject to admin removal. If you are unsure if your spammed area is considered excessive (it probably is) but feel free to ask an admin to check
Do not block access to artifacts, building in artifact caves is allowed as long as you provide safe passage past your base for players to get to artifacts where they stand. PLACING ARTIFACTS IN A BOX OR VAULT for other players IS NOT ALLOWED.
Do not block access to high quantity/quality resource areas including placing a structure that stops them from spawning in.
Do not block any access to the surface/Aberrant zone (Aberration/Valguero) Obs are NOT to be built on except for beds/sleeping bags.
Do not build on spawn locations if your base is found to be in a location where players spawn inside - your base is open for admin removal.
Admin can remove any structures that are thought to be unused or excessive at their own discretion.
THERE IS ACTIVE ORP: No damaging, stealing or moving a player’s structures, items or dino's, who is Offline or killing an offline players’ creature. ORP activates 20 minutes after the last tribe member leaves the map if YOU ARE NOT BEING ATTACKED! If someone is attacking you and you leave, there is a penalty of 90 extra minutes. In this case they can continue raiding you for almost 2 hours before ORP kicks in. This rule is null if you leave your body scattered outside your base. IE: Items in/on your body can be stolen.
If you or your dino is taken prisoner and your abductor goes offline, you can request help getting free from an admin.
DEMO ALLOWED BASE and STRUCTURE - Is fair game. If there is a structure that is past the 'demo allowed timer'/'Decay timer' - it is open for destruction. PLEASE NOTE the timelimit on structures. If you need to take a break for holiday or work or other IRL situations please contact an admin so your hard work is not destroyed. IF YOU DO NOT CONTACT AN ADMIN PRIOR - YOUR BASE/STRUCTURE IS OPEN TO BE DEMOLISHED
Swearing, sexual jokes, racist comments, inappropriate remarks or other language deemed in poor taste and being toxic is not allowed in ANY chat (ingame OR voice)
Please note, this is an English based server, so in keeping things fair and the moderation of chat easier, please refrain from speaking any other language but English.

These players help with anything that is related to the server and its running.
They may compensate for items or creatures lost during a rollback or some other server related bugs (including Wildcard hashups) However, this is up to their discretion (Screen shot log proof or similar will help here) If one admin says he will not comp for something please do not ask another (like playing mum and dad off each other).
Admins will not use their admin powers to help with in game matters if it is not related to the above-mentioned reasons. So, for example, if you lose a dino or items due to legitimate game play, they must not be asked for replacements. If you need help in playing the game, taming a dino, finding a death bag, ect. ask your fellow players as that does not fall within the roles of admins.
Chilled Ark Admin will not participate in general PvP (Note admin bases may still be defended with Turrets etc and should be treated with the same caution as any other base).  A player knowingly starting PVP with an Admin without prior arrangement will potentially be treated as a rule breaker.
Admins are allowed to have a secondary character to play the game with (THEY ARE NOT ABLE TO USE ADMIN COMMANDS UNDER THIS CHARACTER) they can either choose to disclose their identity OR keep it a secret. This character is subject to PVP.
Admins DO NOT use their commands to gain benefit for themselves or other players.  Commands are logged.
Admin accounts (characters with ADMIN in name or tribe) CANNOT give or trade items or materials or blueprints to players - PLEASE DO NOT ASK.
If you believe an admin is abusing their powers by spawning items/dinos for themselves or other players please put in a ticket on discord and an investigation will be conducted.
RULE BREAKERS WILL BE HANDLED AT THE ADMINS DISCRETION. Spamming chat, vulgarities, toxicity will be handled how the admins deem necessary. Warnings may be issued as easily as an instant ban. Please keep our community safe and fun for everyone.

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