Chilled Ark Cluster

Chilled Ark is an Ark Survival Evolved community with 6 maps in a cluster and cross server chat. Join us on Discord to find out more.




Chilled Ark is, well a chilled place to play Ark Survival Evolved with likeminded people. We are a PVP server, however we do prefer to take a more relaxed approach to PVP.

We do not kill on sight and prefer to do PVP in the form of respectable raiding and keep the chat polite.

Meet the admins

Our adminĀ  team work tirelessly to make sure you have a fun and enjoyable experience on our servers.

But as with most Ark communities, we are a team of volunteers that do not get paid to be admins, therefore we have our jobs and may not always be able to respond straight away, please be patient as someone will resolve your issue for you.

Admins will also compensate for any issues caused by the game or the server, but are not there to help, in some cases they may require evidence of an issue.

Spawning items in for themselves just ruins the game for everyone, and is actually less fun than you might think! So with that in mind, please remember admins are only there to help and do not use powers to aid themselves, it ruins the game for them as much as everyone else.


Join in with the community by jumping onto our Discord channel and saying hello.


Please make sure you check out all our rules before you join the server. Press the button below to see the full list of rules.